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C&J Divers Scuba 2000 was established in 1995. C&J Divers Scuba 2000 is a PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center. Chris Mendoza, owner and instructor, is a retired member of the military community and resides in Killeen. Chris is a former military diver with extensive training and experience in commercial, technical, military and recreational diving. Chris is a Course Director and Master Instructor with the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, Scuba Diving International, Technical Diving International, Emergency First Response and Divers Alert Network.

C&J Divers Scuba 2000 is the only Scuba Center in Bell County that offers multiple lines of merchandise at prices far below retail pricing. C&J Divers Scuba 2000 is the only local dive center that offers technical diving instruction as well as recreational. We are the only certified NITROX fill station between Dallas and Austin.

Quality is our standard. Therefore, only the best in equipment and instruction are offered through our Center. That boast can be proven by comparison reviews, in writing, by Rodale's Scuba Diving Magazine, the consumer report of diving equipment.Our Education Department is always current with any and all changes to curriculum, standards, and procedures as dictated by the certification agencies we represent. All Divemasters and Assistant Instructors employed at C&J Divers Scuba 2000 are required to maintain a mastery of their job knowledge. This is measured by regular testing - written, oral, and demonstration. Student contact is not allowed unless the standard is maintained.

At C&J Divers Scuba 2000 , you can rest assured that you are going to get everything you paid for and more. There are no hard sales tactics to coax you into something you don't need. We urge all our customers to shop and compare. Once you see and experience the quality difference, we know you'll be back to see us! Your buck will stop at C&J Divers Scuba 2000 and you'll receive change in return.

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